Lander Module Platform

April 12, 2019 News

The vision and the sense of cooperation amongst small and medium-sized Czech enterprises must lead to the creation of complex entities providing high status in the production chain of the space industry.

In the field of space applications, we can still become one of the first in the world to offer a platform for lander modules capable of soft landing and taking off again from the Moon and other astronomical bodies.

The conquest of planets and other celestial objects will soon become as common as today’s launching of small satellites to Earth orbit. Unlike travelling into Earth orbit, such missions will be much more commercially lucrative and socially popular.

In the Czech Republic, we can produce a satellite, rocket engine pumps, electronic and optical elements for space missions, mechanical parts of Mars lander modules or control and ground software, among others.

Let us integrate these capabilities systematically into a single complex goal and create a functional platform on the top of the value chain.