Our state-of-the-art optical measuring systems are controlled by Mercury RT software developed by Sobriety. These systems are based on digital image correlation technique (DIC) and serve for the determination of distinct material properties, vibrography analysis, and component testing, even at high temperature.


The optical measuring systems are designed for test rigs and test centres, applications in industrial production and quality control, in civil engineering and for academic purposes.

Measurement methodology allows for the measurement of large strain rates, high−speed testing, vibration measurement, FEA analysis, crack propagation, dynamic testing, and quality control.

The system is designed for examining metal parts, wires, and foils, ligneous specimen and composites, various fabrics and nanofibrous structures, elastomers and tissues, plastic specimen and biomaterials, cords and ropes, construction and ceramic materials.

Material Testing

  • 2D/3D Video Extensometers (VEX)
  • Extension and Contraction Measurement (Longitudinal, Transversal)
  • Chain Probe Tool for Rebar Measurements
  • Neck Gauge Detection Tool
  • Virtual Strain Gauge Tool
  • Natural Pattern Measurements
  • High-Temperature Measurement
  • Crack Length Propagation Measurement
  • Cycle Counting in Fatigue Tests

Vibration Analysis

  • Video Stroboscopy Functionality
  • Modal Vibration Testing
  • Operational Deflection Shapes Measurement
  • Measurement of Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration, and Strain
  • FFT, Campbell Diagram, Power Spectral Density, Crest Factor Determination
  • Vibrographic Sync-Box with Shaker Control
  • Integrated High-Speed Camera I/O

Component Testing

  • Static, Quasistatic, Dynamic Measurement
  • Full-field Strain Distribution Measurements
  • Integrated High-Speed Camera
  • Point and Area Measurement of Motion
  • Sampling Synchronization with the Dynamic and Periodic Events
  • Kinematic Analysis
  • Component Measurements under Operational or Laboratory Conditions
  • API for Customized I/O Communication and Control
  • Pressure Chamber Measurement
  • Thermomechanical Measurement
  • Thermal Camera Integration
  • FLC (Forming Limit Curve) Analysis and Evaluation
  • Bulge Test Analysis (Sheet Metals, Rubber)

Our solutions


The measuring systems equipped with the Mercury RT are compatible with a wide variety of industrial and DSLR cameras. With the right choice of lens, the system is suitable for any application ranging from microscopic to macroscopic dimensions.


Videoextensometer for measuring of specimen with non-standard geometry or specimen that significantly changes its thickness. With 3D space scanning, we can eliminate movements out of the measurement plane.

Mevix 3D is specially designed for industrial use and offers protection against mechanical damage, dusty environment, and unauthorized manipulation. Any specified configuration of the system allows certification by a calibration laboratory on demand.

More about Mevix


The measuring system suited for complex analysis in 3D based on non-contact measurement using digital cameras. The design complies with maximum flexibility to meet the specific needs of our customers. It is applicable for measuring components of all sizes, consisting of practically any material at temperatures as high as 1400°C. Both static and dynamic events can be evaluated.

The system offers full-field analysis of deformation and displacement including velocity and acceleration. Monet 3D has been designed for quick and easy set-up of measurement and subsequent analysis processing which produces explanatory visually represented data.

More about Monet 3D


Special accessories allow for optimizing the measuring system for specific application requirements.

Accessories include calibration plates, special luminaires, filters, AD/DA converters, tripods, optimized PC with the necessary equipment and communication interface standards.


By purchasing our products, customer care is not over.

We’ll install the measuring system and help you find solutions to all the challenges of your measurement requirements. Our service and application technicians are at your disposal 24/7.


24/7 Helpline: tesc@sobriety.cz

We arrange training or workshops on our premises for the supplied measuring systems. We provide software updates, hardware modifications, retrofitting, upgrades and additional accessories.

We carry out on-site measurements at the customer's location, allowing immediate acquirement of results, or later processing of data with a protocol. The most common measurements performed include vibration diagnostics, structural and material deformation, and 2D and 3D motion measurements.


In the field of optical measuring systems, we provide the services of measured data processing, interpretation, comparison, and their follow-up implementation into simulations and calculation programs. The delivery of systems and services also include calibration of the measuring system with a production certificate or calibration of the measuring system with a certificate from an accredited calibration laboratory.


In addition to supplying standard measurement systems, our company can deliver customized solutions to your requirements. We have extensive experience with automation of the measuring systems, embedding of the measuring systems in a production line, miniaturization of the measuring system, modification of the system for use in non-standard environments (e.g. Design for outdoor application), etc.


If you are interested in our measuring system or if we can help you by answering your questions, contact our specialists.