The LIMIT measuring system was developed by Sobriety to monitor the service life of materials used in pipelines and steam piping in power facilities. The LIMIT unit is based on the potential drop technique. The specific advantages of this method of analysis are the ability to detect and monitor the actual status of the target device, during runtime, without dismantling and by a completely non-destructive method.


Potential drop technique measurement can be used, for example, in the chemical, energy, aerospace and construction industries.

Measured components can be exposed to extreme temperatures, pressure, radioactivity. They can be placed in ovens and autoclaves, strong electromagnetic fields, chemically aggressive or wet environments.

The resulting technical diagnostics are applicable in industrial operations and during stress and fatigue tests. It is possible to measure deformations, material thickness, the influence of corrosive wear, and crack detection and analysis of crack parameters.

Crack Detection In Industry

  • Crack Detection and Propagation Monitoring
  • Monitoring of Relaxation, Oxidation, Corrosion, Cavities
  • Diagnostics of Pipelines and Components in Power Industry and Petrochemistry

Laboratory Crack Size Measurement

  • Determination of Resistance to Stable Cracks Extension According to ISO 22889
  • Measurement of Fatigue Crack Growth Rates According to ISO 12108 and ASTM E647

Measurement of Deformations, Relaxations and External Loads

  • Measurement of Deformations in Extreme Environments and Inaccessible Areas
  • Measurement of Crack Size and Strain Rate
  • Analysis of Deformation Path
  • Material Thickness Reduction Measurement

Potential Drop Technique Measurement



LIMIT is the product successor of the POTERON PD05, which has been a proven electric potential drop technique based measuring system for technical analysis in extreme environments for many years. LIMIT has been designed for maximum reliability and accuracy in permanent installations, for example in steam pipelines and power plant pipelines or other demanding operations.

The measuring device offers ACPD measurement and corrected DCPD measurement. LIMIT is characterised by high accuracy, stability and resolution. The ATEX certified LIMIT is intended for use in a potentially explosive atmosphere. The measuring unit is dustproof and waterproof according to the IP65 standard. The connectivity is defined by Bluetooth and RS-422 communication standards.

The system control is provided by the Limit Control software developed by us. It enables on-line and off-line measurement, calibration, analysis of measured data, and simulation of specific conditions. The user interface is intuitive, easy to use, and comprehensive even on a smaller computer display.

The standard product package includes, in addition to the measuring device itself, a power supply or battery, data management and evaluation software, user manual, communication protocol, cabling and a transport case.

Material testing

The LIMIT measuring system is designed for laboratory material testing. Measurement of the electric potential drop effectively indicates the deformation initiation and crack growth in the measured specimen. This methodology offers an effective way of eliminating the influence of other physical effects on measurement accuracy and offers a conclusive analysis in simulated conditions of extreme pressure, radiation, and temperature

Systems for Technical Diagnostics

LIMIT allows for monitoring inaccessible equipment during full operation and detection of any defects that could endanger the functionality of the equipment or pose significant risks to its life and operating capacity. In industrial practice, LIMIT is used to check the actual status of pipelines, columns, steam piping or welds. For example, the possible development of cracks or material loss in pipelines is monitored.


Special accessories enable the optimisation of the measuring system for specific application requirements. Accessories include various electrodes for measuring unit installation, electrode welding units, electrode positioning tools, special tools for easy and fast electrode installation.

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Support and Service

We offer training on the application of potential drop technique in practice and its use on samples and industry. We regularly issue LIMIT Control software updates. We provide upgrades, electrode materials, and many minor accessories to all the measuring units supplied. Our services include regular on-site measurement, data collection and measurement evaluation.


We provide the design and calculations of electrode placement for correct measurement, as well as monitoring of places fitted with the measuring technology. Our technicians can install the system, perform the appropriate measurements, collect the measured data and, in the case of changes recording, pass the information to the accordant authorities.

Research and Development

We can design solutions for your application. Upon request, we will adjust the measuring unit or its software so that the measurement can be performed reliably according to your criteria. Specific requirements typically include communication protocols, software features, wireless transmissions, or communication with a superior system.

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